Sunday, 31 January 2010


I have been neglecting this Blog, it seems I have a bit of catching up to do. That is dreadful, the last time I posted on here was ---JULY--LAST YEAR for goodness sake!!!!

I have been asked for several tutorials of things I have been making of late, so will have to get my finger out and get them on here.

Meantime, please accept my apologies.  I will get round to putting something, I know not what just yet, on here, this coming week. 

I have just loaded some pictures onto the side bar for you to look at until I load the tutorials, so you don't get bored!!


maggi said...

Had to chuckle when you wrote that you would have to get your finger out - from around the needle presumably. (Sorry, feeling too yuk to do more than make pathetic jokes at the moment.)

jan said...

Sorry to hear that Maggi, hope today has been better for you.
Actually it was a good one I thought....