Tuesday, 26 May 2009



Here is some information for those of you who would like to make a similar card as this one. Noel I know you would like to do one so here you go.....

The background is a basic Attic Window patchwork block, I just stitched thick lines for the diamond window effect, in a BROWN thread, not black, too harsh. I then satin stitched the other edges.

The flowers were white, I just 'painted' these with felt tips to make them pink, [you can do whatever colour you like of course. I will let you hahahaha Make sure they are well and truly dry before attaching to your card though, particularly if it is white or cream.] They are wired flowers so you can bend them to how you want them to be placed. I used mono filament thread and zigzagged over the stems for a short length.

The flower pot I made with a piece of washing up cloth I bought from the pound shop, it is like thin felt. I first coloured it purple but didn't like it so went over it with brown, dabbing the felt tip on so I got the 'mottled' effect. You could just use a piece of brown felt I guess, but I think this looks nicer. I straight stitched round the pot - not the top though, at least I don't think I did the top!!

The little card - I cut a piece of thin pelmet vilene 1/2" x 1", folded it in half, stuck a piece of fabric on it, then wrote MUM on the front and inside...'with love'.................[you of course can put what you like!! I will let you. hahahaha] I attached this little card to the main part by stitching inside just down the fold, so it stands free as it were.

Then I just finished the card as I do all my others, see tutorial elsewhere on Blog for that info.

TA DA. Finito.

Hope this helps anyone out who wishes to make one. :-)

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