Tuesday, 26 May 2009



I have been asked several times 'how do you make your cards?'

So to answer everyone who has, I have taken photographs as I made one, and this is the result. I do hope you are able to follow it successfully, that it is clear enough for you, and that you will ask me if anything is not easily understood. I will always answer questions here or by email.

If you click on each photo you will see I have made remarks on each as to what that picture refers to. You will obviously have a different machine to me so will have to adjust yours as near to what I did - if you wish to - to get the same results.

If this has made your postcard making easier do let me know.I know there are lots of lessons on the web for the postcards, mine is just literally MY WAY of making these little works of art.


Here we are at the end of the basic assembly of your card. Now it is time to do those edges. I will make a separate post on the way I do mine. I hope you have enjoyed this lesson so far.


Lynne said...

What a useful tutorial. I think I would have found it useful when I was making my ATC's. I've had to find out for myself and I've finished them all now. I have only just been trying free machine quilting and plan to do more of it. I have also seen an article (in an old magazine) for embellishing and am keen to find out more so I found your other blog useful too!

Dineo said...

Beautiful work, I wish every photo can have a written explaination of how to.

ShereeSews said...

I have enjoyed viewing your many postcard creations. You are a very talented lady! Thanks for the tutorials.

Jo Graham said...

Oh wow great tutorial and about my favourite thing.....dragonflies. I am crazy about them. Would love to be as good as this. Practice practice practice lol x